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A good garage door is one you barely notice. If it works well, then the door becomes a part of the house or building just like any other door on the property. However, when a garage door stops working, it becomes a real problem. This is because a garage door is specially designed to be easy for a single person to open. If any of the mechanisms are damaged, the door can become stuck or too heavy to lift.

Whether you have a good size dent, a problem with the torsion spring or a problem with the garage door opener, All About Garage Doors LLC is here to bring the garage door of your Raleigh property back into working order.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

The garage door, or doors, of your Raleigh business is the primary access point for product acquisition or fleet deployment. If there is an issue with the door then there is a problem with your business. Some businesses are able to continue the work day but others are stopped in their tracks. All About Garage Doors has a team at the ready to help you our when your door jams or the spring breaks.

Our emergency repair service is fully equipped with all materials and tools needed to fix the garage door as soon as possible.

Residential Garage Door Repair

There are few things that can ruin the start of your day when you get in the car to go to work and you can’t leave because the garage door is broken. Luckily, for the home owners of Raleigh the solution is just a phone call away. Alternatively, if you see signs that the door or motor are not as good as they once were, contact us to perform inspection and maintenance.

Gate Operator Repairs

If you have a gate protecting your Raleigh home or business, you need the gate operator to be in perfect condition. Having a broken gate will leave potential clients or business associates with a less than positive first impression. For homeowners, it either becomes an inconvenience or, worse, you are left stuck because the broken gate mechanism has locked the doors in place. Our team can repair or replace the gate operator quickly so you face minimal downtime.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repairs

Garage door won't open: There are several reasons this could happen. If you have a garage door opener on your Raleigh, then the problem could be that the signal from the remote is not reaching it or there could be a malfunction in the opener itself. Another reason could be a dent in the door track. A dent could impede the track wheels, stopping the door from opening or closing.

The door is too heavy to lift: This usually happens because the torsion spring or one of its connectors has snapped. The torsion spring does most of the work when you open or close your garage by supporting most of the weight. If the spring is broken, then it will be very difficult to open it yourself. Have you noticed that the spring is broken when the door is open? Be extremely careful! If you try to close the door you will have to hold the entire weight of the door. With an average weight of 175 IBS or more, it is no wonder that the majority of garage door accidents happen when the spring breaks and the door slams down. It is highly recommended to wait for a professional if there is any issue with the spring of your garage door.

Part of my garage door is sagging: This is a way to test the strength of the spring. About once every month or two you should disconnect the opener from the garage and open it manually. If the door descends or rises when it is midway open, then this is a sign that the spring is losing strength.

High energy bills: Is the garage closer to the temperature outside then the temperature you have inside the building? This probably means that the garage door is poorly insulated. We at All About Garage Doors LLC have been helping the people of Raleigh find the best insulation for their needs for years.

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If these problems sound familiar or you are experiencing any other issue with the garage door of your Raleigh property, then give us a call. We will inspect the situation and provide you with an estimate. With more than 50 years of experience we are sure to have a solution to your predicament!

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